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Your STRIDE Solutions specializes  in coaching, consulting and speaking servies.   This practice focuses on partnering with individuals  and organizations to develop and execute plans that move them from simply striving in life, to finding ways to STRIDE – take long decisive steps toward a set goal. 


Your STRIDE Solutions is here to help you develop a plan to move toward operating IN purpose, ON purpose. 

Lakeisha C, GA

“Working with Vanessa was like having someone just as invested in my growth and success just as much as I was! Vanessa will walk alongside you and hold you accountable to accomplish your goals."

Gillian A, NY

"Vanessa's mixture of care and insight helped me to clarify my goals. Once my goals were determined we developed a plan to achieve them. Her ability to inspire and propel you forward, is second to none. I am grateful to have Coach like Vanessa in my life."

Lakesha C, GA

"Vanessa is a great coach that provides customizable guidance to meet your needs or goals personally or professionally. I highly recommend her coaching services!"
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